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10 Boomer Pastimes That Leave Younger Generations Puzzled

As the generational gap widens, so too does the bewilderment that younger generations often experience when observing the pastimes of Baby Boomers. Born between 1946 and 1964, Baby Boomers have witnessed and participated in cultural shifts that have shaped the world in unique ways. From iconic music to revolutionary social movements, Boomers have left an indelible mark on history. Yet, there are certain pastimes that seem to elicit nothing but perplexity from younger generations. In this article, we delve into 10 Boomer pastimes that leave millennials and Gen Z scratching their heads.

Rotary Phones and Landline Etiquette

In the age of smartphones and instant communication, the concept of dialing a rotary phone and navigating a landline’s intricacies is a source of amusement for younger generations. The painstaking process of dialing a single digit at a time, coupled with the art of proper landline etiquette, is a bygone era that leaves many wondering how Boomers ever managed to connect with each other.

Record Players and Vinyl Enthusiasm

The resurgence of vinyl records in recent years has piqued the interest of some younger individuals, but for many, the dedication and enthusiasm Boomers exhibit towards their extensive record collections remain a mystery. The tactile pleasure of handling vinyl, the ritualistic process of needle placement, and the rich, warm sound that emanates from a turntable are experiences that seem lost on those raised in the digital age.

Sunday Drives

The simple joy of a Sunday drive was a quintessential Boomer pastime that is often met with perplexity by younger generations. The notion of aimlessly exploring the countryside or suburban neighborhoods just for the sake of enjoying the scenery and each other’s company seems quaint in a time where schedules are tightly packed and GPS guides every journey.

Encyclopedias and Library Research

Before the era of the internet, Boomers relied on encyclopedias and library research for information. The sight of a set of encyclopedias occupying an entire bookshelf may baffle younger individuals accustomed to the instantaneous access to information at their fingertips. The laborious process of flipping through pages and cross-referencing information seems like a distant and time-consuming practice.

Drive-In Theaters

While drive-in theaters have experienced a revival in recent times, they were a staple of Boomer entertainment during their heyday. The idea of watching a movie from the comfort of your car, complete with crackly speaker boxes and the smell of popcorn wafting through the night air, is a charming relic that leaves younger generations curious about what made it such a beloved pastime.

Slide Projectors and Family Photo Nights

Before the era of digital cameras and instant photo sharing, Boomers reveled in the tradition of family photo nights featuring slide projectors. The act of meticulously organizing slides, dimming the lights, and narrating family vacations through a carousel of images is a pastime that younger generations may find quaint, especially when compared to the instant gratification of today’s smartphone galleries.

Typewriters and the Art of Letter Writing

The rhythmic clatter of typewriter keys and the tangible act of composing a letter on paper have given way to the efficiency of email and text messaging. Boomers’ affinity for typewriters and the art of letter writing might seem archaic to younger generations who are more accustomed to emojis and autocorrect.

Lawn Darts and Backyard Games

The simplicity of outdoor games like lawn darts, horseshoes, and croquet formed the backbone of Boomer social gatherings. These leisurely pastimes, once common at family picnics and barbecues, may seem odd to younger generations accustomed to more high-tech and fast-paced forms of entertainment.

Handwritten Recipes and Recipe Boxes

The sentimental value attached to handwritten recipes and the organization of a personal recipe box are Boomer pastimes that may confound younger generations. In an era of online recipe databases and food delivery apps, the notion of meticulously recording and storing recipes on index cards seems like an analog practice in a digital world.

Home Economics and DIY Skills

Boomers often grew up with a strong emphasis on home economics and practical DIY skills. Sewing, knitting, cooking from scratch, and basic home repairs were considered essential life skills. In an age of convenience and outsourcing, younger generations may find it puzzling that some Boomers still take pride in their ability to whip up a homemade meal or mend a tear in their clothing.


While generational differences continue to shape our perspectives, it’s essential to recognize and appreciate the diverse pastimes that define each era. The Boomer generation, with its unique set of experiences, has left an enduring legacy in the annals of history. As we navigate the complexities of the present and future, reflecting on these ten Boomer pastimes serves as a reminder of the cultural richness and diversity that binds us across generations.