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Home » Applebee’s Reintroduces This Menu Item After 3 Years

Applebee’s Reintroduces This Menu Item After 3 Years

Applebee's Reintroduces This Menu Item After 3 Years

In October, a casual eating company is reintroducing a popular drink special to celebrate the beginning of the Halloween season.

Applebee’s has announced that their renowned Dollarita will be returning on October 1st, following a three-year absence, but only for a limited period. Indeed, a single $1 is the current price for an alcoholic beverage at Applebee’s, despite the prevailing trend of $20 cocktails.

Commencing today, anyone aged 21 and above can indulge in the Dollarita, a margarita priced at $1, crafted with tequila, triple sec, and lime.

Applebee states that the Dollarita will generate excitement at various locations around the country for the whole month. However, anyone with five dollars readily available will certainly experience more than just excitement.

“After over three years, during which guests expressed their longing for the Dollarita® both in-person at the restaurant and through social media, the brand has finally reintroduced it!” An Applebee’s representative informs by electronic mail.

That statement is not only empty words, either. The Dollarita, first released in 2017, was last reintroduced statewide in 2019. However, some Applebee’s locations, such as those in Texas, were fortunate enough to offer the Dollarita as recently as early 2022.

Due to Dollarita’s ephemeral nature, like a fleeting blue agave illusion in the desert, social media has fervently pleaded for its revival for a considerable duration.

“I would be willing to do anything to have a dollar at this moment,” tweeted one individual in September.

“@Applebees, please reintroduce the dollar,” tweeted another disheartened individual in 2021.

“Advocate for the restoration of the dollar at @Applebees by expressing the desire to bring it back for male customers,” tweeted another user, emphasizing the importance of an economical evening for men.

“What is Joe Biden’s strategy to restore the value of the dollar?” Tweeted an individual who demonstrates fearlessness in posing challenging inquiries.

Applebee states that while the Dollarita will only be available for a short duration, the restaurant provides a selection of beverages named Mucho Cocktails, priced at $5 each – equivalent to being five times as costly.

As per the chain’s policy, these beverages are often available only during certain seasons. They are crafted using high-quality alcoholic drinks and are served in the chain’s distinctive Mucho glasses throughout the year. The business is providing two beverages called “Spooky Sips” this month.

The first cocktail, named Dracula’s Juice, is a lemon-infused concoction made with Jose Cuervo Tequila and Bacardi Superior. The second cocktail, known as a Tipsy Zombie, consists of Bacardi Superior, passion fruit, pineapple, cherry, lime, and melon liqueur and is garnished with a gummy brain. This combination creates a delightfully eerie mixture.