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Home » Burger King Is Trying Out 2 New Wild Fries to Go Along With Its Signature Chicken Fries

Burger King Is Trying Out 2 New Wild Fries to Go Along With Its Signature Chicken Fries

Burger King Is Trying Out 2 New Wild Fries to Go Along With Its Signature Chicken Fries

Burger King, the originator of the Whopper, is now conducting trials of two innovative and unprecedented additions to its existing range of fries. Burger King has declared its intention to conduct a trial of a novel menu named “Fries, Your Way” that will focus on snack options.

The next fries will be trialed in Burger King establishments in Columbus, Ohio from February 13 to mid-May of the current year.

The “Fries, Your Way” menu will include Burger King’s well-liked traditional Chicken Fries, as well as two new options: Churro Fries and Mozzarella Fries. The Churro Fries consist of slender strips of deep-fried pastry dough coated with cinnamon and sugar.

They have resemblance to the funnel cake fries that were experimented with by KFC in the previous year. The Mozzarella Fries consist of mozzarella sticks that are fashioned like fries, coated with breadcrumbs, and served with marinara sauce. The three fry choices will be available in four, eight, and 12 pieces.

As stated by a Burger King representative, the objective is to expand the range of menu options to include more snack items rather than whole meals. Burger King recognizes its customers’ increasing need for snacks, as opposed to the traditional combination of burgers, fries, and a beverage.

Burger King unveiled a $400 million initiative last year, known as the “Reclaim the Flame” campaign, to enhance its brand image. As part of the campaign, the historical tagline “Have It Your Way” was reintroduced. The new fries, which may serve as a snack, component of a meal, or even a dessert, are inside this classification.

The response to the forthcoming fries has been chiefly favorable on the internet, while a few online critics have questioned the authenticity of these fries being “new” in nature. For example, a Reddit user made a remark in the r/fastfood Subreddit asking whether churro fries are just regular churros.

This prompted a response that similarly pointed out that the mozzarella fries are identical to the existing mozzarella sticks.

Indeed, although the forthcoming Mozzarella Fries will possess a distinct form from the preexisting Mozzarella Sticks available on the menu, it is certain that the observations made by the commentators are valid: this “novel” menu is, to a large extent, a rebranding of existing choices. (To clarify, churros are a recent addition to BK’s menu.)

Regarding good customer responses, another Redditor succinctly stated: “The fries are abundant in flavor and size!” Delicious!