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9 Best Ice Cream Shops By State

Delve into a sweet journey across the United States as we explore the most delightful ice cream shops in nine different states. From classic flavors to innovative creations, each shop offers a unique taste of local culture and culinary expertise.

9 Best Ice Cream Shops By State

1. Alabama

Prior to meeting her current spouse, Ryan O’Hara, Geri-Martha O’Hara was employed at Bottega, one of Birmingham’s finest restaurants, as a pastry chef. The couple ventured into their dream business, Big Spoon Creamery, in 2014 with a modest investment of $500.

Initially operating from a tricycle in their local community, they subsequently transitioned to an ice cream truck, and ultimately, to a physical storefront. (And then an additional.) Here, fresh, frequently seasonal flavors are cultivated in collaboration with local farms and their preferred producers. Ice cream sandwiches are exceptionally delicious, as one might expect from a household headed by a highly experienced pastry chef.

2. Alaska

Which state has the highest per capita consumption of ice cream? Alaskans, to be precise. Unhappily, an excessive amount of the ingredients are imported from other states, which has been a source of frustration for Chris Pike and Elissa Brown, who established Wild Scoops in Anchorage in 2015 with the intention of making it the most Alaskan ice cream company ever.

This entails procuring locally sourced ingredients whenever possible, including spruce tips, birch syrup, wild berries, and root beer from a renowned restaurant in the city, the Moose’s Tooth. Although the conversion to locally sourced products may not have occurred yet, the establishment of two scoop stores in Anchorage (the location of the majority of Alaskans) guarantees that they have the city hooked.

3. Arizona

When Jan Wichayanuparp and Helen Yung made the transition from finance to ice cream at Scottsdale’s Sweet Republic in 2008, the industry was significantly less crowded than it is today.

The duo probably could have sold nearly any ice cream in their aesthetically pleasing shop and still done well, but because they are not the type to settle for mediocrity, they launched with an assortment of utterly wild flavors, many of which became fan favorites.

The coconut cashew curry, which consists of a crispy, nutty brittle that is incorporated into a creamy coconut (and curry!) ice cream, remains one of their most requested items.

4. Arkansas

An insightful exploration of the delights of Little Rock can be achieved by visiting Loblolly Creamery, situated in the city’s Quapaw Quarter, an area renowned for its tranquility and historical significance. Beans for their Coffee & Cream flavor are sourced from Fidel & Co., a burgeoning local roaster with a café in the vicinity, and Bourbon Pecan alcoholic beverages are crafted at Rock Town Distillery, which is located directly down Main Street.

Sally Mengel asserts that she became involved in ice cream by chance; the beverage fountain where she was employed did not carry any local products, so she resolved to supply the need herself. Presently, her store is situated in close proximity.

5. California

There exist two distinct categories of Californians: those who perceive the location of the finest ice cream in the Golden State as a matter worthy of debate, and those who were raised in the vicinity of Sacramento, the state capital, where such matters are generally beyond dispute. As they will inform you, and as you ought to have known the entire time, Gunther’s, which dates back over seventy-five years, has the response to your inquiry.

This bright, classic shop with the unmistakable neon sign attracts locals of all ages to a comparatively tranquil area in the Curtis Park neighborhood, much like moths to a flame on a warm summer evening. Patrons come for scoops of their wildly popular fruit freezes or black walnut and lemon custard, which is an appropriate treat in a town surrounded by numerous orchards and groves.

6. Colorado

A popular gathering spot during the late hours until inclement weather forces everyone indoors is the 28-foot-tall milk can located on 16th Street in the Lower Highlands neighborhood of Denver. Little Man Ice Cream has been located in that location since 2008, when Paul Tamburello, a local man and real estate investor, launched the business for the simple reason that it might be entertaining.

Other ice cream establishments have since opened, some of which are exceptionally competent, and it is probable that more will follow. Please contact us when a flavor that is more emblematic of Denver than Little Man’s Salted Oreo, which is precisely what it sounds like, becomes available. We will gladly reconsider the decision.

7. Connecticut

With destination-worthy farmstead creameries and small-town mom-and-pop operations, Connecticut must be one of the fortunate states in terms of traditional ice cream, which makes this one of the most difficult decisions on the list.

However, if one were to select a single ice cream to sample during their visit, it would have to be Arethusa Farm in Bantam. Established in the 1990s, this location was originally intended as a land preservation initiative by two Manolo Blahnik executives who resided directly opposite an antiquated dairy farm and wished to safeguard their vista.

Arethusa, the mini-empire, has emerged from the convergence of scoop shops situated as far away as New Haven and West Hartford. These establishments offer luscious, high-butterfat ice creams infused with premium milk and cream from the state, in flavors that are distinctly traditional to New England, such as rum raisin and coffee.

8. Delaware

Established since the late 1700s, one of the state’s most enduring family farms is also the state’s most frequented ice cream parlor. Located in a verdant and pleasant region of the Brandywine Valley, just north of Wilmington, the Woodside Farm Creamery (supported, most notably, by their herd of Jersey cows) produces exceptionally rich ice cream in seasonal and traditional flavors, in addition to some entertaining detours.

Motor Oil, which consists of fudge spirals and green caramel atop a coffee base, is both potent and indispensable. A ingenious drive-through operation on the farm during the pandemic years prior provided a highlight: all the ice cream you could want with no need to wait in line.

9. Florida

Since its establishment in 2018 in Miami’s Wynwood neighborhood, Dasher & Crank has amassed an extensive repertoire of more than 400 flavors. Although the company is proficient in milk and cream (for us, that would be the Strawberry Cream Cheese and Guava Jelly), several of its most favored flavors are vegan.

Their most popular item of all time is Ube Macapuno, a vibrantly colored coconut ice cream infused with purple yams from the Philippines. Not only does it appear great on Instagram, but it also tastes fantastic.

Each state in the U.S. has its unique take on ice cream, reflecting local tastes and traditions. From the shores of Alabama to the bustling streets of Los Angeles, these nine ice cream shops offer a delicious glimpse into America’s diverse culinary landscape. Whether you’re a local or a traveler, these destinations promise a memorable and tasty experience.

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