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How To Make Dorm Room Smell Good

How To Make Dorm Room Smell Good

If you are about to move into the dorms, you have probably been planning and thinking about a lot of things.

You had to figure out where to put your clothes and what tools to bring, and you had to learn the rules of your new home away from home.

One of the most annoying and surprising things about living in a dorm for some students is that their small room can start to smell bad.

Even though sports clothes, wet shoes, and other things can make your college room smell bad, there are some easy ways to make it a nice place to spend time.

Read on if you want to find out more about how to make your college dorm room smell great.

How to Make Your Dorm Room Smell Great

Most of the things you can do to keep your school room clean are simple and only require a little bit of your attention each day.

These small things can make your time in the dorm much better. Talk to your neighbor about some of these things so you can both be on the same page.

1. Keep things tidy

If you don’t have your own laundry room, it might seem like it will be hard to keep your clothes and bedding clean. However, if you set aside a day or two each week to do laundry, you won’t have to worry about smelly clothes or bedding.

This will make it easy to get rid of smells you don’t like and make your room smell great.

Make sure you ask about the rules for washing bedding, as your room might have special rules for washing big things like quilts. Sheets and smaller pieces of fabric can be easily washed with your clothes.

If your dorm has a laundry service, you will just need to plan to have a second set of sheets to use until your bedding comes back from the washing service.

2. Get wet things dry

If shoes and clothes that get wet don’t dry out, they can smell really bad. Make sure you have somewhere for wet shoes to dry and a place to hang up wet clothes so they don’t start to smell.

If you put wet clothes in a bin, they can start to smell really bad after a day or two.

Buying a small drying rack can help you dry out coats and other big items that may get wet often. Offer to share the rack with your roommate so you don’t have to take up space with two racks.

You will be surprised by how much wet clothes can change how your dorm room smells. If it rains a lot where you go to school, you should be ready for this.

3. Scents for the air

This can help a lot with smells, but you should be careful not to make your roommate or anyone else in the rooms around you sick. Some of the scents in air fresheners can cause allergies that can be very bad.

If you’re scared that air fresheners might bother the people around you, get a good Hepa filter for your room. This will remove a lot of smells and bacteria from the air and make your room smell better than an air cleaner that you plug in.

4. Be careful when you cook

Once cooking smells get into a small area, they can be hard to get rid of. If you cook the wrong things in your microwave, your clothes and bedding might even smell like food.

Think about what you cook and try to stay away from fish and other foods with strong smells. This can make it hard to keep your room looking nice and can make the whole floor of your dorm smell bad.

Don’t forget that your dorm room fee gives you access to a restaurant. Instead of heating up quick snacks in your room, you might want to eat most of your meals there.

You might want to talk to your friend about these things before cooking smells make your dorm room unpleasant to live in.

5. Get windows open

If the windows in your room can be cracked open or opened all the way, you might want to do this at least once a day for a while. You will be able to enjoy the fresh air and the room will smell better.

Even windows that can only be turned open can help with bad smells, and you will be glad you took the time to do this when your dorm smells fresh and nice every day.

It’s easy to take care of your dorm room.

If you use these tips and tricks, taking care of your college room can be easy. Keeping things clean is usually the best thing you can do, and you might find that this gets rid of most of the smells in your room.

Make sure you have drying racks and a good clothes basket for your wet clothes.

This will help a lot if you and your friend are careful about what you cook in your dorm room. Also, keep things clean and dry. That way, your room will smell good and won’t be a bad place to come back to every day.

It’s easy to take care of your living space if you keep a cleaning routine and think about what you do in your dorm every day.

Always ask your school what you can and can’t do with air fresheners and food in your room. This makes it easy to know right away what you can bring into your room for cleaning and what you can’t.

If you treat your apartment like your second home, you’ll have a great time every day.

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