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McDonald’s Launches Long-Rumored Super Mario Bros

The world of fast food and gaming has collided in an exciting way! McDonald’s, the global fast-food giant, has finally unveiled its long-rumored collaboration with Nintendo’s iconic Super Mario Bros.

franchise. This crossover is a dream come true for fans of both McDonald’s and the Super Mario universe, bringing together the joy of gaming and the pleasure of delicious fast food.

The Collaboration Details

McDonald’s has launched a special Super Mario Bros.-themed menu, featuring creatively designed items inspired by the characters and elements of the game. The menu includes:

  1. Super Mushroom Burger: A delightful beef burger topped with a special mushroom sauce, paying homage to the iconic Super Mushrooms of the Mario universe.
  2. Fire Flower Spicy Chicken: Spicy chicken wings that capture the essence of Mario’s Fire Flower power-up.
  3. 1-Up Green Salad: A fresh, green salad that resembles the 1-Up Mushroom, offering a healthier option for diners.
  4. Princess Peach Shake: A peach-flavored milkshake, a sweet nod to the beloved Princess Peach.
  5. Yoshi Apple Fries: Apple slices cut in the shape of Yoshi, served with a caramel dip.

Additionally, McDonald’s Happy Meals will include one of eight collectible Super Mario Bros. toys, featuring popular characters like Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Yoshi, and Bowser.

The Marketing Strategy

McDonald’s marketing strategy for this collaboration is heavily focused on nostalgia and the widespread appeal of the Super Mario Bros. franchise. By bringing these two iconic brands together, McDonald’s aims to attract not only children and families but also adult fans who have grown up playing Mario games. The campaign is supported by television commercials, social media promotions, and in-store branding, all featuring the colorful and playful world of Mario.

Impact on Sales and Brand Image

This collaboration is expected to have a significant positive impact on McDonald’s sales, particularly attracting younger customers and gaming enthusiasts. It’s a strategic move to associate the McDonald’s brand with the positive, fun, and family-friendly image of the Super Mario franchise. This partnership also demonstrates McDonald’s commitment to staying culturally relevant and innovative in its marketing efforts.


McDonald’s collaboration with Super Mario Bros. is more than just a marketing stunt; it’s a celebration of two cultural icons that have shaped childhoods and popular culture for decades. This partnership is a brilliant example of how brands can successfully leverage nostalgia and popular culture to create exciting new experiences for their customers. Whether you’re a fan of fast food, a gaming enthusiast, or both, this collaboration offers something unique and delightful for everyone.